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Customer Services​

Offering Customer Service training to your employees doesn’t just add-value for the customer; it can drive sales and give your business a strong competitive advantage.

Improving the quality of your customer service through training leads to an increase in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

It will also increase employee motivation and engagement as your employees will have a greater understanding of the impact of their role. With this in mind our specific customer service training programs focus on improving communication, listening skills and problem solving.

Through effective training, customer service representatives increase their ability to resolve issues immediately and decrease the number of return calls which greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Onsite or in-house courses

If your organisation has several employees wishing to train and qualify in Customer Services then why not contemplate an onsite course.

At Paragon Training we are able to provide training at your premises, at a time and date to suit your requirements.

If your organisation requires a number of courses, we can offer you a competitive corporate rate discount. 

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